Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment
At Seri Manop & Doyle our lawyers provide foreign investors advice and assistance concerning all aspects of foreign investment in Thailand including restrictions on activities foreign businesses may engage in, applying for and obtaining Board of Investment promotion as well as company registrations.

Foreign investment in Thailand is generally governed by the Foreign Business Act and the Investment Promotion Act.

In restricted businesses under the Foreign Business Act, a foreign owned company or an overseas company is required to obtain the foreign business license prior to commencing business operations.

Seri Manop & Doyle advises investors with regard to these rules and which business structure would best suit their needs.

1. Establishment of Branch Office, Representative and Regional Offices
Seri Manop & Doyle can advise clients regarding office characteristics and conditions to be met to be legally established prior to assisting clients to prepare the paperwork and complete the registration with the relevant authority. 

The activities of a representative office are limited to the following:

- Inspecting and controlling the quality and the quantity of the goods purchased or contracted to be manufactured in Thailand by the head office.
- Giving advice pertaining to the goods distributed by the head office to distributors or consumers.
- Sourcing goods or services in Thailand for the head office.
- Propagation of information pertaining to new goods or services of the head office.
- Reporting on business developments in Thailand to the head office.

The activities of a regional office can be summarized as follows:

- Communicating and coordinating the operation of branches and affiliates that are located in the region on behalf of the head office.
- Providing consulting and management services
- Controlling marketing and sales promotion planning
- Training and personnel development
- Financial management
- Providing services in research and development

2 Application for Foreign Business Certificate under Treaty of Amity (Thai-American)
The Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Thailand signed on May 29, 1968 allows American companies to maintain a majority shareholding in a Thai incorporated company, to wholly own a Thai company, or to open a branch office or a representative office located in Thailand. American-owned companies receive national treatment. The American-owned companies may engage in business on the same basis as Thai companies, and are exempt from most of the restrictions on foreign investment imposed by the Foreign Business Act. 

3 Visas Extension and Work Permits Application
We can assist foreign employees in obtaining business visas and work permits and minimizing the time and effort of the employer.